Favoritism Is A Turn Off

I first joined AB in June of 2011, and frequented the site up until last week. Some of you might know me as the Friendly Stranger. However, in any case my decision to come to EP was based on the lack of intelligent inquiries from various users, but more so because of the growth in favoritism between AB users.

The site as I knew it to be was a site of an online community that was once close knit. Over the last year and a half, it declined from being close to being more about individual contributions. Users began to tout their favorites in the form of questions, which I found to be an annoyance, and it showed a lack of respect towards those who actually deserve to be shown credit.

In general, favoritsm is an element of life that most do not like. We all want to be counted, but as it related to AB, users began to show their allegiance towards a specific group or individual they deemed worthy of their adoration so to speak. It came to a point where I could no longer accept it, and I decided it was time to part ways.

I have made this move to EP because I was in search of a site that seemed to be decent, that didn't cater towards favoritism, and a place where users conducted dialogue in an intelligent manner. So far, EP seems to be just that. While I don't intend to stay here for a long period of time, and I may return to AB at some point, the bottom line is that AB has unfortunately become a place where fairness is no longer the goal.

Users now view points and the leaderboard as a competition. It shouldn't be about which user answers the best, or who asks the best questions. It should be about which users contribute to the overall value of the site. Is AB a site where fairness occurs? Not as much as it used to be, and the sad reality is that AB users that have conducted themselves in such a way, have caused the casualties of others, unknowningly.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Thanks Spice! I just think it is a shame that AB has turned into something that it was not meant to be intentionally.

Very well said!