Leave Or Cheat

I am a 24yr old woman who has been married for 4yrs. I believe we married with noble intentions, because when I met my husband i was already pregnant, but was not with the father anymore. He accepted that, we dated and he asked to marry me and raise my son as his own. I care about my husband but i am not attracted to him at all. I thought those feelings would subside after all our years of marital bliss, but then reality set in. Shortly after our first anniversary I found out that he cheated on me, but i forgave him. Then about a month away from our second anniversary I found him in bed with another woman. This was also 2 weeks before he deployed to Iraq. While he was gone for a year and a half I cheated on him with an ex boyfriend. I have no remorse and enjoyed every hour of it ;) But that I knew would not go anywhere. I enjoyed my time alone very much and wanted a divorce. He has been back for a lil over a year now and in the beginning i refused to even sleep with him. The only thing that stopped us from getting a divorce was the fee. Then on a family vacation in March with his side of the family i had an epiphany (temporary moment of insanity), and decided I wanted to work it out again. Since I have been bored to borderline disgusted with our sex, and there is a man who works at the school I attend. He is so sexy. i have googled and facebooked him and found out that he is 27, single, and a cancer. I want to have some good sex for a change and i want it with him, but I really think he would make a good boyfriend and not just a fling. If I leave my husband it will really hurt my finances, because they aren't exactly ideal with his half added. I have to make a move with this other guy, but i need to know should I leave or cheat?
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Leave. Why stick around if you obviously don't have anymore feelings for your husband. Be guilt free and free to do whatever you want.