I Did Cheat On Mine

i lived in jackson and i met this man who lived like 2 houses down from me and we met and became good friends  one night i went rideing with him . note my husband was left at home i told him i was goingto walk to  the store  and i met this man at the mailbox  and he left his wife  and young child at home he told her he was goingt o a friends house well this happend like 4 times  but after i did that i felt so bad i really did  i used the most worse excuse in the book " my husband didnt give me attention" well i didnt see him trying to provide for me  as givieng me attention . but i did stop the affair and one day me and my hubby went to walk in the park and we sat down and he asked me did you sleep with this man . i thought  what should i say should i tell him the truth or keep it to myself . i told him yes i did , he just looked at me and  we walked home he didnt say anything to me for the day  and i noted him staying by himself and i walked in on him crying . i felt so bad i told him  for the last 2 years i am sorry but here  just this year i looked into his wallete and  he had a womans name and number in there i was like what is this ? and he said  she is just a friend  ! a friend i asked i said i have alot of friends and i dont have thier numbers in my pocket.  so i guess he just did what i did long ago . so  just keep in mind that  you will be turning him to another if he finds out and you  start to love  him again . i know i have been there  and i am still there . god bless
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sounds like turn about wasn't exactly fair play?

If you are willing to betray your family and those that love you the most, what do you have left? What won't you betray? . . . . and all for a quick thrill or to satisfy a fragile ego.<br />
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Do some research into near death experiences, and the life reviews that occur during them. Not only do you re-live your life up to that point in time from your perspective, but also from the perspective of the people you have hurt (or helped!). The only difference is that all your feelings are magnified multiples of what they are experienced here on earth -- including the feelings of the person or persons you hurt through your betrayal.<br />
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Good luck, Young Soul.

Love hex spell, never heard that one before. Worth looking into.

it sounds like you were very bored with your marriage. And a new experience was very enteresting.

Boredom shouldn't lead to an affair. Maybe expressing your lonliness and frustration to your husband would have been the first option before sleeping with a married man and destroying two families. Why don't people just leave before committing adultery? There are so many stories on this site where one person totally ignores their partner and the effects an affair would have on their psyche simply through selfishness and cowardice. It's gross.

I'm not sure if many of you would believe me. But I am a wizard. <br />
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Just a word of advice. Watch out if you meet someone and suddenly you feel an unbearable fascination with him/her. More people than you realize cast love hexes on others. <br />
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The point of me saying this is... if someone cheated on someone else, it might not have been their fault. I'm not making a cop-out. But I've seen faithful people suddenly go nuts because a jerk cast a love hex on them. <br />
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So, watch out!

I know exactly what you mean. I was like this I do not know what came over me, I could not stop having sex with this man, after alot of praying my desire went away, but it took four years, it was like I did not know myself, I acted different, I dress different, hell I would look in the mirror and not even know who I was.

never tell,,you only make your wife/husband feel bad,if you have the nerve to do it then tell no one,have the strength to carry it inside of you,dont make someone have to carry this its yours to keep,,

I cheated...was married for 27 years...felt lonely, eventually left my family .... my life forever changed...my life is horrible right now. My lover was an abuser and at the very end of this horrible ordeal, i was broke, lost respect, friends, family, and most of all self respect. We never think about the outcome when we start to satisfy our needs or yearnings... even though i was married to someone I wasn't in love with, that was alot better than were I am now in life. Most days I just want to give up and throw in the towel... I don't know how to fight anymore or make good decisions. I am a looser and feel very sorry for myself...but I deserve it!!!!

we all can be tempted and in the right (or wrong) circumstances will fall. This s=doesn't make you a looser - the abuser is the looser - leave him/her and move on - you are worth it - detatch yourself from them and you will find yourself and see I am right.

We reap what we sow. People never get their self respect back after cheating and deceiving. Too many get hurt and that hurt never ceases to end.

People have reasons. Sometimes good. Sometimes not. A number may just be a number. You were honest with him when it came down to it.

I cheated on my wife and initially it was thrilling.The other person was there being in a similar situation-she was divorced and remarried. She understood the pressures of being in our predicament since you always have to prove your worthiness to your new spouse. It ended in disaster but I still love her BUT am making a supreme effort to keep my marriage going and it can be pure living HELL. My son keeps me hanging in there!!!

never tell. It does no good in the end. If you going to do something, just do it and keep the bloody thing to yourself and stay in the relationship and make IT work too.

Ya if know one knows, why hurt them.

Disagree come clean and work through it. You can't live a lie forever.

Well, I beg to differ from you all... if I found my wife cheating on me, I would be thrilled! I would not let her know that I know and would encourage her.<br />
BTW I have cheated on my wife and still am cheating. Not only my wife, I have cheated on my lover too. And the latter knows and has accepted it.

What goes around comes around - do unto others as others do unto you

It's Always worse to admit it, It causes too much pain for everyone. If you really feel guilty about it, then put a stop to it and keep it to your self to save the heart break. Everyone thinks they want to know until they do.

What a lousy way to learn a HARD lesson!! I hope the two of you can manage yourselves out of this mess, good luck!!