Am Cheating On Him.

I've been married for five yrs to a man who can not satisfy me sexual. During my single days,
i enjoyed hanging out with bad boys, I MEAN THE REBEL TYPES, who knows how to make a woman
feel good and i will usually  sleep with any hot and  sexy guy any day and any time. Now that i am married,
i missed my old life, and i have started cheating on him because, despite the fact that he cannot satisfy me
he has the guts to go out and sleep with other women behind my back.....sometimes i wonder what he is looking
for out there.

I recently met a hot romantic sexy looking guy and we are currently having fun. I will be back to tell you about it all.
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7 Responses Nov 21, 2011

Very common scenario, I think almost every man and woman thought about cheating at sometime in their life

hope you **** his brains out. come home and let your sorry hubby eat your ****** hot *** filled naughty *****. that's what he deserves.

don't ever tell him as he will not stay with you!! he clearly isn't what you want in bed so all i can say is **** **** ****!! maybe a huge black watching it going inside your white *****, its the risks and thrills is what you want? think about the black man coming and the thought of getting pregnant the thrill and panic!! you only live once!! go online and find massive ***** n see how much man you can take!! talk to your husband about trying for a baby n then start letting men **** you without protection! maybe even black men if you fancy a black baby stretching out that white *****!! then watch Ur husbands face as he realizes! or white men and your hubby wouldn't ever know?? the thrill... maybe that's to far?? invite a big **** only gang-bang n see how many men you would **** in one nite!! train your mind to see men as ***** and not people! train your mind to think more of you as a ***** that whats ****! train your mind think 80 percent with your *****!! to dress with legs out no matter what weather or push boundary with clothing like see through white tops with no bra! sit opposite a handsome man and bed over knowing he is looking!! maybe start out small like the pizza dare ;)... or plumber dare? maybe invite 5 men over in one day at different times! a man for a **** at 8am then tell him Ur busy at 11 then another at 12 then another at 4pm then another at 8pm then 12 and see how well you cope with a whole day of **** take a picture of your sore ***** and send it to Ur husband with a message saying (been thinking of you) maby go into town with some bits of paper saying follow me for a **** and any man you flirt with that flirts back lead him off ;) train your mind! NO1 you need to put your ***** before yourself! 2 **** before your husband (UNLESS RISK OF BEING CAUGHT! your thoughts over others!! YOU ARE NO LONGER A LADY YOU ARE A ***** THAT WANTS BIG ***** !! YOU ****** THOUGHT NOT YOURS!! THANKYOU AND GOODNITE

Lookn forward to hearing bout your travels.

Sounds like fun! Although it sounds like there is a lot of pain too...

what happen next?

I know the feeling of partners sleeping with others and thats why I myself is cheating today. I hope you don't get caught always remember to be careful and have fun x