Okay, So Older Men Aren't Half Bad Either

This story is in honor of my British friend, who lives in Arizona, and is currently caring for a friend who is ill. Through all of this, he maintains a wicked wit, and is sexy on top of that. Now, those of you who know how much I love younger men, and they love me, might wonder why I am singing the praises of an older guy. Well, for one thing, he isn't decrepit by any means. Another thing, he stays positive through a tough time. He is smart, and articulate. And today, I was extremely depressed and he cheered me up just by messaging me lots of fun, and funny dirty stuff. I just think that no one younger can match wits with him. I bet he can compete sexually too. He needs to fly to Atlanta and prove that of course, when he is able to get away. I am ready for you, strange male!
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7 Responses Apr 11, 2012

hey, you guy can know by HelloSpy if you want to cheat on him!

he is one lucky bloke ..:)

It makes cry to see a sexy 50something rule out geezers who are still sexual. But the 24 year old who wanted me in the flesh as well as online compensated and turned my frown upside down

if it was me i go there and talk to him face to face ok he may be married,....

Sorry, but it sounds as if you are celebrating infidelity and betrayal. Really?

older men are just like older women :) the both know that there doing & like what there doing :) lol