Married But Still Looking!

My Husband and I met at our job. We started seeing each other alot and in a month in a half we got married. I thought I loved him but I find myself attractive to other men. One guy I've been knowing for a while showed me his piece and I've been curious how it feels every since. My husband and I have been married for 17 months now and I still want to sleep with that guy. I am sometimes satisfied by my husband but I sometimes feel that there is someone out there who is better and I'm missing out. I just want to sleep with this guy just to get rid of this urge. Don't get me wrong I do love my husband but I just want to have sex with another guy.


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If you dont pursue this other guy, it will likely drive you mad thinking about how good it will feel having sex with him. I say go for it and just be very discreet. Life is short and if you dont enjoy it from time to time, then what's the point? Good luck and have fun with your new fling! ;-)

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hi how are i am andrew from india in bangalore city i am looking for female friendship call nine nine seven two three nine zre nine six seven or eight one two three four six five five four seven 

you married your husband for finding you very attractive. attractive girl get notice everytime,why the guy you know show you his piece, you fing it much bigger and want to experience, try the bigger guy, it will be more explosive sex than your hubby, you easily attracted to a guy who desires you. if you play fantasy to husband, tell him you find it amusing , that some guys think you still a hot looking girl, and showing sexual desire, you will find out that same desire as your husband. explore his fantasy , you will love him more and you have a bigger pieceon the side too.

I let my wife explore with other men. When she shares the stories, it is tons of fun for both of us.

Go for it, but know the consequence of your action - eventually it will lead to happiness or your loneliness.

I had the same feelings as most of you. The sex in my relationship is pretty boring and I end up doing all the work in bed. Mostly at night she is tired from being a mom all day and it sucks. She has no energy left for fun time with me. I have been checking out dating sites for married people such as I have started communicating with local married women, just chatting so far. It feels good to meet people in the same type of situation as me.

Sex is an important part of married life. And personally I take it as a bodily necessity. As long as it won't affect the way you take care of your family, go for it girl. The moment you think it is going to affect the way you take care of the family, then i thing it is time to move on :) Cheers

I think we all have fantasies ans desires and we should be allowed to experience them. I have an open relationship with my wife and it has really added spice to our already great marriage. We are honest about our desires and discuss it so no one is being cheated on. Also, I have never found anyone as good as my wife and never will. Its all about sex not love.

I think we all understand love!

Curiousity killed the cat. And I'm positive you would like his piece killing your cat.

sex is a big part of any marrage this we all know. my sex life is great but I still want more. She is into Vanilla sex and its great but I also enjoy/crave kinky sex, sex with married women, ****, to many to name. If you want sex just for the sex and not a commitment or feelings than go for it. enjoy yourself just play safe and be discrete. oh yes I met my wife at work as well.

Just do it. I've not done many things because I over-analyze situations, and have always regretted it.

Sex is something that should be part of a loving marriage. My wife and I have had our differences, but I must say she's come around and we have some great sex now. You need to have both love and sex in a marriage to make it work. If you only have one, it most likely won't work.

i have the same situation...would love to meet if ever in miami...

i'm so tired of everyone saying what you said, rockyj and tree hugginghippie....i used to be like you until i found myself in a completely sexless marriage. my husband hasn't been inside me for over 2 years. we've tried many therapists for couples and individuals. at the end of the day, he has some kind of aversion to me sexually (even thought i'm 5'6 and 120 lbs and turn many heads). so after some time, it's no longer a "love" issue. it's about me being denied something that was promised in marriage. i haven't yet, but i will not pass up an opportunity to cheat if the guy offerring is worth it.

If sex is more important than love, then you should get out of the marriage quick. Just easier for you and everyone else around you.

If you're willing to cheat on someone you don't honestly have a deep care and love and respect for them - I say this only because it is true. <br />
<br />
If you are thinking of cheating - I would suggest looking at yourself, your relationship and your needs. <br />
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It's ok if you married the wrong guy. It's ok if you're not happy. It's ok if you're having problems. But you've got to fix what's wrong - not invite more problems into your life.