I Get Turned On To The Thought Of Cheating On My Husband

I just recently got married in feb. 2012 and It was amazing and the honeymoon was amazing but now where back to reality and I seriously fantasize about getting ****** like a dirty little **** with some strong muscular man while my husband watches my reactions and I just want to suck everyone's **** I love giving bj's I give them to my husband all the time but when he's not around I look at every guys package I see and wonder what it would be like... What's wrong with me!
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12 Responses Apr 28, 2012

Nothing is as luscious as the forbidden fruit, just be prepared to handle the consequences of your actions.

NOTHING wrong at all!

We are all sexual in many different ways. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel. However, I believe you should speak with your husband before you do anything. Being upfront and honest could open up a whole new world of desires for the both of you. From your comments, it sounds like he is into it already anyway. Then, make sure you include me in your affairs ;)

if my wife ask me of it, i will let her. all we need to be is safe sex. i must let her open on me than cheated me. its not cheating now it living life to the fullest. and i will ask her if its ok for her to let me request for the same thing. but all thing must be kept by 3 of us.

Nothing wrong with you- your husband might enjoy watching you.

Does your husband want to be cucked?

There is nothing wrong with you. Obviously your husband accepts what you have been doing so there is no problem.

You are opening up and sharing what turns you on,that is honesty.

Nothing wrong at all, simply sounds like you are having a delicious awakening, and really starting to get in touch with the power of youtr own sexuality. There is something so powerful about not only the allure of forbidden fruit, but to total surrender to our ba<x>sest erotic desires. Go slow, take it step by step, involve your new hubby, but most of all enjoy and be who and what you are. If you are open, honest, and true to yourself you'll never have regret!

no problem with what you want and dont feel that you are a **** because you arent the thing is that you LOVE SEX

Very hot....nothing more hot than a wife that wants it all the time....let him in (like try swinging), you never know what doors will open.

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Yes nothing wrong with you , its normal for young normal sexually active girls to want to enjoy sex all the time, it shows your originality and I would suggest just go for it making it safe and sure.