I Am A Sinner.

I know i am a sinner, but i cant help myself.I used to fantacise about my aunt,(my uncle's wife) in my teens, i used to steal her panties and bras, and used to smell it and ********** on it,thinking of herShe used to live in dehradun with her family,in vacations she used to visit our home.Now when i have grown up to be an adult,i cant seem to stop myself of this act. Recently,When she came here to visit us on christmas one day when she and me were alone in our home, i spiked one her cofee and she felt a headache and went to sleep.When she was in deep sleep, i touched her upon her clothes then i did the unthinkable, i undressed her carefully enough so that i could see her private parts and smelled them,licked them and fondled with them.I could have indulged in intercourse with her but i did'nt do it.Now i repent my deed,she did'nt knew it as she was in unconscious state but i am ashamed of my doing.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I am guessing, but I would say she knew what was going on, unless you gave her something to really knock her out. <br />
<br />
I would say explore it further!