All. The. Time.

Seriously. All the Time. And not with anyone specific. I just want to have another relationship. I am depressed when I think about whether or not my marriage is the end of the road for me. A lot of the time I want to leave, but I can't...there are too many practical reasons to stay. But I am in an unfullfilling relationship with a person I should have remained friends with. Never married.
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

Talk to your husband. Maybe he really feels the same way. Monogamy tends to be a stifling thing which inhibits personal growth instead of enhancing it. Cheating is not the answer either. You must work on this problem together or you will need to dissolve the relationship.

mmmmmmmmmmm i like what you did. You should tell him face to face to humiliate him and see the look on his face lol

My husband loves the idea of my having sex with another man while he's there, whether he joins in or watches, as long as he's involved and has had a chance to agree or not to the person in question. We've had some very interesteing experiences as a result...a long-term ********* partner...we even did a 'gang bang'...It's not for everyone, and it can certainly cause more trouble than it's worth if you're not careful...but it's worth trying if only to avoid betraying his trust. I've done that too, and it's done FAR more to ruin our relationship than any of our activities together.

If you're really unhappy and unfulfilled, maybe you should try a fling. It will likely be a catalyst for change - either shake up and improve your marriage, or be the impetus to end it so that you can find a more fulfilling match - and maybe it will be some fun in the process, too.