If I Had The Chance I Would

Married to the man i love since i was 16 years old , it never crossed my mind that 10 years later i will be thinking about this , and yes i want to cheat on him and i would if have a single chance and the sad thing is what stops me from doing this is not that i love him or respect him , its just that im scraed of him , if he finds out he will make me suffer.....
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Sad story. Frightening. "Suffer"?

Sally, I think you should understand that an evening fantasy like that could soon develop strings! Its once, then if you liked it, you might do it just once more... and once more... <br />
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The fact of the matter is you should probably learn the art of falling in love with your hubby again! It works... I have done it with my wife... :-)

I think Z has some helpful things to say. I am curious, though. Why are you staying in a marriage where you are afraid? Ben Franklin had a saying: Those who would trade their freedom for security will deserve neither and lose both.<br />
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Having an affair does not sound like a very rational, socially responsible or reasonable thing to do, given the risks that may be involved- more especially if you have had children with your husband. It is up to you to figure out what is best for you (and your kids, if you have any). Happiness is a very important part of marriage. Perhaps you and your husband should consider seeing a marriage counselor to figure out if something is wrong and find a way to fix it. Remember that if either one of you is not mentally and/or emotionally healthy, neither is the marriage.<br />
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Above everything else, though, be honest with yourself, love yourself and respect yourself.

You have to protect your marriage and think about your future! What will be the reword if you cheat on your husband? Please tanished that thought from your mind, May be you did love your man again? That is why you developed these negitive thought! focuse on the future!!!!!