Wife Cheated On Me On Vacation

My wife and I have been married for over 18 years. We are in our mid 40's both in good shape. She is in much better shape since she works out on a daily basis. She is of small size, but very well packaged. Has a nice round butt and medium size perky breasts. She and her female freinds planned a two week cruise vacation. I was going to join them the 2nd week at a port and join them for the last week. When I joined them for the last week all seemed great. The group 5 of them had been having a great time sightseeing and using the spa on the ship. I had noticed that everytime one of the girls came from the Spa all would kind of gather together and have a jovial fun type of conversations, never letting me in on the story. I just attributed to women talk amongest themselves. My wife 43 at the time had been with two men ever in her life me being one of them and had never given me the idea of her being unfaithful to me. Well I gues there is nothing stronger than peer pressure and some alchol. It turns out I found out later that the women in my wifes group were getting somewhat tipsie and then going to the spa for massages. There was one young male massues that manually stimulated them and even penetrated a few of them bringing them to *******. My wife was among one of these. When we came back home a few weeks later she felt so guilty and confessed to me what had happended. She explained that it was all a physical act with no emotions. He was a young athletic stud that just physically made her feel good. She said he only penetrated her once while she laid on her stomach, he eased his way into her and had her until she orgasmed; she assured me he never ********** in her like he had done to most of her freinds. I was very upset for a long time and as time goes on I am feeling less hurt. We still love each other very much and are willing to keep working at it.
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Sounds sorta familiar.

My husband and I have been Married 19 years, and in 1999 or 2000 I went to Mexico with my sisters and my Mom as we did every year almost.

I had just had our 1st Son 18 months before, and was feeling kind of blah about our Marriage even though my Hubby is a really good guy, very good looking, and in great shape.
Anyway....on our second to last night there. We usually went for 4-5 days, We were out dancing and this very handsome Mexican guy (turns out he was the resorts golf pro) started to dance with me. I am 1/2 Mexican, pretty, and in really good shape. Especially for having a baby just 18 months before. So usually my 4 sisters and me dance, in groups or maybe with an occasional guy, but this guy and I stared off 1 on 1 and it started to turn to dirty dancing. It got to the point where I could feel his large bulge pressing up against me, and I liked it. I went and sat at his table that was sort of secluded from my families table and we kissed a bit. I started to rub his bulge and he started to finger me.

I then went to the ladies room and he actually followed me in!

I told him this was not a good idea, but I had an idea that would get me out of the club with him. I was pretty buzzed from a combination of Dom, tequila, and Margaritas

As a back story...Just after giving birth to my Son, I developed some strange allergies.

One was to shell fish. I had gone into anaphylactic shock on two occasions. We finally figured out what it was and I carried a Epi-pin just in case.

Well...we had been out to dinner earlier with my sisters and so I came out of the club bathroom, and told 2 of my sisters that I felt sorta shocky, but did not have my pin.I told them that Arturo offered to take me to the pharmacy to get something. Well, we went back to my room and ended up having sex 3 times. He ****** me for a long time and I came several times...it was sort of blissful. However he (regretfully) came inside of me the third time we did it. It was a lot of *****, especially considering he had ********** twice already and it was a lot.

It was his 3rd *********** and it scared me as I sat on the toilet trying to get it out. It just continued to pour out of me and the more scared I became. I was not on the pill or anything else. As I laid there after I asked him to leave, I had a bad feeling. It's like I could almost feel his ***** swimming up stream and surrounding what turned out to be my ovulating egg.

The next day, I acted like I was fine, and I thought my sisters new nothing. I was wrong, as it turns out he told his friend who had breakfast with one of my sisters the following morning.

Now my sisters knew, I already felt guilty as sin, which I was, and I had to endure another day there.
We finally flew home and my sisters said they would say nothing. Two weeks went by and I missed my period.
I was terrified. I got an EPT and held my breath. It was positive. I had been impregnated by this Mexican Golf Pro in a one night stand in another country. Great...whata selfish **** I had been.
Had I read a story like this the year before, I would have said ...'YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW" Too bad...you made ur bed now lay in it. How could have I allowed this to happen?

I had always been the responsible one... The disciplined one...The faithful one.

Now...I felt lower then low. I was a nervous wreck, and was trying to figure out my next move when 3 weeks later, I had a sudden miscarriage. I did not know that's what it was at the time, but my Gyno told me as much.
I was relieved but I confessed this entire thing to my husband 7 years later after a Marriage encounter we did through our church.

So....the earlier story I told about never being with another guy after Marriage was B.S.
I had been with one guy, three times in the same night.
My husband still to this day is a bit wounded, but lately he has begged me for graphic details like what positions did he **** me in? Did he go down on me? Did I ***? How many times? Did he have a big ****? and so on.
He began to ask me on a regular basis just before we had sex, and he would get so hard, you would think he was doing Viagra.
Kinda weird, but who am I to judge?

So...I tell him everything in great detail. The truth is, I don't remember that much in terms of exact details. I just make it up for my husband.


I, too, would be so aroused if my wife confessed something like this. It's one of my biggest fantasies. You have to evaluate your own feelings about it, though. Not all people are alike.