New Friend

I got put in a mental hospital by my husband and this physco physiocrat it's. It was awful! I wasn't even mentally I'll. Anyway, something good came out of it, Chad. What an amazing young man! He has helped me in so many ways. He helped me escape from my husband on e and for all. I love him so. I hope he realizes just how much. Thank you again Chad!
runnerinatl runnerinatl
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2 Responses Jun 7, 2012

Hold on! So you met Chad at the puzzle factory or he rescued you from it? Tell us more.

Puzzle Factory.... lol :)

sounds like fla thers laws where you can commit some one even if your only close friend, wife tried same to me years ago i was there only 72 hrs then was released <br />
iffel sorry for him doing that but very happy your out now it doese change us some no matter how little time we spend there