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I Cheated and Will Probably Do It Again

I cheated on my husband.  What started out as fun and flirty emails from a co-worker turned into us meeting up after work.  We have been together on 3 different occasions.  I do love my husband, but, I miss just sleeping with whoever I want to.  Before I was married, it was no big deal for me to just have sex with anyone I wanted.  When I settled down and got married, I missed that side of me.

But, that experience with the co-worker was the second person.  While my husband was overseas, I hooked up with an old lover.

It feels good to get this off my chest.  Honestly,  call me sick, but I don't regret any of it.  I don't feel guilty.  Is there anyone else like that?  I don't have any remorse.  To this day, my husband still does not know.

Coral Coral 31-35, F 139 Responses Apr 25, 2007

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You do love your husband and you cheated on him, I wonder, if you don't love him, what would you have done to him?!! What if you catch a disease and give it to him? What will happen? He will know sooner or later, I assure you, he will know...

I think I know how you feel. But if you have no reason to stay then why not leave. You are hurting yourself as well this way?

I have ****** and my wife doesn't have an idea. At times I have ****** her friends and she couldn't know it.its exciting to screw someone secretly

My believe is that in life,married or not,some people will cheat on each other or simply cheat.If some woman is not cheating with me,she will find someone else to do it with for sure.So if she is a cute or decent woman,I cannot say no to her.I believe the most trusted partners seem to cheat the most.

im not exactly like you. i like this other guy and want him so bad but he wants to be with me.

Needs are need, would love to chat, please add me, Paul

Any of you white wives wanna cheat with a hing blk man?

Wife isnt on here at the mo but Id like to see her cheat with you bro

you are so hot... like me...

you wouldnt be doing it if hubby satisfied all your total needs, and sometime we all need variety to really enjoy life, dont feel guilty, some men got it others lack it. so enjoy.

that is why we need variety, it dont mean you dont love your husband, but sometime we need and want more.

well you can refrain and be frustrated and have to use ***** to get somewhat satisfied but you will still crave the real thing, hard ****.

would you feel the same if your husband was the one cheating?!

Wow so over the years you stopped caring for the one you swore you'd be faithful to forever and now **** other dudes and don't even feel guilty about it. sounds like a ***** you should just confess so your dude can leave you and find a real women who doesn't let multiple guys get a piece of her.

Coral, that is sooooo hotttttt!!! I love it and if u were hot, i'd be chasing u as well

That is what scares me in the world.. I cheated with only a kiss when me and my bf were about 2/3 months but I did not have feelings for him until I finally said I love you and I meant it. I gave him my everything and tried to be good ever since.. as of now, I know I am capable of getting whoever I want and mingle with whoever I want but I choose not to simply because I know love within itself is much more valuable than having many guys behind me. I completely despise cheating.. even if I only shared one stupid kiss.. I cannot forgive myself.. and I have lost the love of my life for it. But the point is, I'm afraid of finding someone like you.. someone who will never tell me if they cheated or not.. whoever has been cheated on deserves the right to know.

and u shouldnt feel any regret or remorse, i myself like to sleep with whoever i want although im not married its the same for me i have done it many times and to this day my bf doesnt know.

Im not ready for a permanent relationship cause i dont want to give up feeling this way and my ability to do it!

If you are alone and have the need just do as you think is right. As long as you do not get emotionally involved and you do not get sick or pregnant there will not be any problems. Sex is a physiological necessity and an important one.

You have to evaluate the reasons behind the affairs and if you are willing to cuckold your husband on purpose.

Good luck,

I told my wife she can sleep with whomever she wants. I think women should enjoy there sexulality. That being said she has not, but I am sure one day it will happen and she has a free pass. I just want her to feel sexy and hot!

We don't choose to go over seas, when you're in several fire fights everyday and wondering if a stray bullet or lucky shot or ied might make this day your last you feel safer and more focused on the task knowing you have support and not turmoil in your mind. Whether you tell him or not, the damage is done and the relationship will continue to rot away with separation and deceit that you have allowed to continually and progressively break apart your relationship and him. Regardless of what you women think, we know when you cheat, I can feel it, excitement over her being with someone new as in taboo quickly leaves when the overwhelming pain pangs and sets in. If you were to end this relationship even the next relationships will be in turmoil because of an ultimate act of betrayal against you from someone you truly love. When you come home and you're looking for understanding and support, you will not have been the man on her mind and will not have the understanding and support you need. You feel as if your life could've ended and she would've gladly taken your life insurance with her new guy(s). Your world suddenly crashes around you and cripples you as if you need crutches to stand again. For what, a moment of selfish physical pleasure that shows you have no respect for his happiness, only for your physical pleasure. Cheating is cheating, women love to spout of all these excuses that issue blame on their man. Ie he wasn't there for me. Well he was, he was protecting the ideals and freedoms of your family. Men, women, everyone cheats for the same exact reasons. Men aren't dogs and women aren't justified by excuses. In the end you chose to do it for your own selfish wants and that's all that it amounts to. Monogamy is hard, no one claims its so easy. Anything in this world worth keeping will be a continuous effort. We all know this. Think about the level of destruction you will do to him. Some men never ever get over a pain that severe, believe it or not and become unable to function in a relationship anymore. Is your moment of physical satisfaction worth all this? Is it really? If it is, you should've never taken those vows and should never take any again. Ask yourself, do you really want to be that person?

I am a veteran and you are right we do not choose to go overseas. However, we choose to join the military by our free volition. Sometimes we make the decision while ignoring other important people's desires because it is our God given right to execute our free will! For a wife, specially a young one, military life is very demanding . That is the reason why, for example, US NAVY Officers suffer a 50% divorce rate. Many wives agree that her husband join the service without really knowing the reality. Once in the military reality sets in and you begin to see the dark side of military life.

Many cannot stand it and divorce. While others do whatever is necessary to survive. You have so many wives that cuckold their husband while he is overseas that maybe you have no idea. If it is wrong or right, it is their way to cope with their personal life. Many soldier-husband knows it and apply the rule of don,t talk, don't tell.

So I disagree with your view. To each his own!

I understand ur way of thinking, hum i have a hunch a high % of guys do also! I want to get a sample of every hottie out there! But my dilemma is that I hate hurtting people ,so that keeps me in check.

I am a guy, and feels the same way. My life after marriage has felt like a prison in terms of sexuality. I have always enjoyed being able to sleep with who I felt an attraction to, and I must admit, I do hit on women, and have ended up in bed with a couple. But the issue is that I feel no love for these women, its just sex, but I would do it again.

My boyfriend cheated on me probably for same reason you do. Dont get married or in a relationship if you enjoy sleeping around. The pain and hurt you cause will show when he finds out and going through it is the worst feeling. Even though its your problem not his.I wish people would leave instead of cheat..easier to live life honestly. Not trying to be mean just letting you know the other side.


You aren't the only one. Just don't **** somebody who knows him. That would be very disrespectful.

You don't love your husband if you did you wouldn't cheat karma it be funny i'd love to see how you explain your pregnant like my ex turned out the unborn kid turned out not be mined

want t some one to text

If you want to do in future..............
Get divorce from him and do with any one you are free bird
But when you are married and he believes she is my wife
You should not do that.

There is nothing wrong with what you did but deceit can never be justified.. Would you be ok with him doing the same? If so you'd have an open marriage which is fine. Do you feel your actions should have no consequences? We all learn early in Life.. if you cant do the time don't do the crime. No have no guilt and no remorse yet you are afraid to tell your husband. I'm sorry but nothing but immediate gratification will come from this and your husband will ultimately find out. You should be prepared. .

I certainly don't condemn you, having been with another woman and had a couple of bisexual sessions. I would love my wife to take another lover. She did some 5 years after we married. This was with my full knowledge and my wishes. It went on for 5 years before he moved away. I wanted her to do it again, but she didn't.
Do you discuss your sexual fantasies with your husband? Maybe he feels like I do. There are an enormous number of men who are more than happy, even desirous, of their wives taking a lover. Just Google cuckold and see how popular this is.
Maybe when you're making love you should start to whisper fantasies into his ear or get him to whisper his fantasies provided you're prepared to be shocked. But I feel your marriage would be safer if you were taking lovers and your husband was aware and supportive of your actions rather than you cheating on him behind his back.
BTW, we've been married for over 40 years now. She knows I still want her to go with other men. Contact me if you want me to discuss it further.

sloots gonna sloot

Same boat here girl, I am cheating literally right under my hubbies nose, and have before as well, and have no regret or remorse or even guilt, I love my hubby but he just cannot be sexually what I need.

I appreciate your candor. I am new to the forum and have been reading a lot of posts. I have also perused posts on other forums. There seems to be a lot of pontificating on the subject of infidelity but little serious discussion of the pleasures. I had an affair many years ago and am seriously thinking of doing it again. It gave me back that excitement and spice that I no longer have. Counseling, long intimate conversations with my spouse, etc - none of it has made a difference. I believe that as long as I am discrete and safe, so long as no one gets hurts, then all is well. I too felt no guilt then and feel none now for the plans I am trying to set in motion. Nature backs me up ont this, there are few monogomous animals in the world, humans included.