I Ask Myself Why Did He Cheat On Me

I been married to this Guy for almost 14 years he's great at time but recently this year I found out he cheated on me with his uncle stepdaughter and I were pissed. I started to leave but we have 3 kids together so I bagged out. And I can't keep thinking about it especially when he leaves the house. I love him so much but but sometimes I feel like I hate him too so anyway I just really want to get everything off my mind, any suggestions
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Your ideal of hanging in there is commendable. Fire is fire and it makes you hot to walk in it, find some out side work. fourteen years is a long time just to have $ex with only one person, so said my X. We went to counseling where it all came out.She was sick and I needed to let her go because when your life is at risk thing most change. love would not have it any other way.

message me. thanks.

Yes I did but that were in da past honey I have changed bit we do still conversate but now I'm cool with only my husband but still yes it did make me feel somewhat jealous cause I did used to love my ex. And for the record I wasn't. The one who start messing around first he did. Not saying it were right but I have grown up including my husband

...You both cheated,
You 2 are now even,
You can either work it out or leave each other,
Since it is clear you cannot speak like two adults,
When communication lacks in a marriage you both are really just easy f..u..cks for each other living as roommates together and nothing else.

How I cheated?

...did you not just write a confession about fukkkin around with some guy wanting to bang someone else, a big fat chubby chick down the street?

Hey I had read your confession 1st. and then this. I came down on you pretty hard, I did not know the other part of your story. So I just wanted to say I am sorry. With having three kids together, it makes for a tough decision. WOW! I would guess if both of you agree to stop having sex with others and really commit to each other then you can have a great marriage and family. On the part of you and your sex guy? I don't think telling your husband will help your situation even though honesty is the best policy. You have to think about you kids.

...scroll up, she is denying that she ever cheated... WTF? SHE MUST BE HIGH ON DOPE OR SOMETHING.

Bit h I did cheat and never done drugs OK, that something u may done and anyway please don't say **** to meeting anymore cause u don't know the whole truth

Go find a fat D and ride the **** out of it. Seriously, you will feel better.

Dont worry about your relationship with your kids, they will understand one day that if daddy cheated on mommy, mommy has the right to cheat on daddy