Women Sholdn't Be Denied

 No man can completely satisfy a woman so she is either going to be frustrated to some degree or seek out other partners. i see nothing wrong with you dating other men and if the chemistry is right having a sexual relationship. If you have opportunities with guys at work or other male acquaintances then by all means pursue them. If not, why not go to a local bar - an upscale place like a hotel - and see what materializes. Slip into a little black dress, pantyhose, and some killer heels and your sure to get male attention and at least be able to flirt. You'll feel sexy and attractive and may be on your way to some great sex - on your terms always! You can keep your activities to yourself or eventually be open with hubby it's your choice. If hubby has gotten to the point that he's no longer attractive or can't satisfy you then it's perfectly justifiable to seek out other companionship. Hopefully he's open minded enough to realize this and, if not, he only has himself to blame. You shouldn't feel guilty at all.

I can talk about these things because my wife has boyfriends as well as an ongoing relationship with her boss. The affair with her boss is purely 'job security' and it's really worked for her benefit - she gets to travel with him and has had a few promotions/raises. As for her boyfriends both are younger and provide her with the size and stamina that I cannot. She sees them when convenient at our place or theirs and they've gone on weekend trips with each of them. She dates another man who is good in bed but his real attraction is that he is wealthy and gives her lots of things. My wife also has casual affairs with men she's picked up flirting in bars either locally or when she's away on business. She also organizes weekend 'girls only' trips to resorts and casinos with her lady-friends; they gamble and suntan to be sure but sex is the primary goal.

I am not allowed to be present when my wife is entertaining a man not does she tell me of her affairs. What I know comes from her Aunt who she shares all her experiences with. If my wife is having someone over i have to leave the house and walk around the mall or go to an all night coffee shop until she calls telling me it's OK to come home. She flirts openly and if we're together and a guy shows interest I know to leave. She openly dates men locally and when she's away and the public 'shock' of her doing so has long since worn off.

It works for her and for me. Women have many options and men need to recognize that women do and they need to recognize their own limitations when it comes to pleasing the woman in their lives.
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yeah, but just sometime, if you always, it is very dangerous, he can find out, by HelloSpy!!!

Thanks for your response, Linda. I have an open relationship so we aren't concerned by anyone's finding out. My wife is pretty open as far as her participating in the social scene so no concern there.

Our experience is that women rarely get discovered where as men almost always do. I think women have more control in such situations where men don't. We are also seeing more women wanting to be sexually adventurous; it goes with the new, high earning, professional women who just may have a hubby who stays at home as a house-hubby. We know of three couples in this scenario and in each case she has a boyfriend or boyfriends that she regularly meets for fun. Hubby has no say and on only one case doe he know of his wife's seeing other men and in this case he encouraged her to start dating.

I have never heard of 'hello spy' what is this?

Thanks again for your response. Yes, one must be careful and i hope you pursue whatever makes you happy - remember it's all about YOUR happiness.

Love how you look at this. Thanks for sharing dear

Thanks for your comment - appreciate it when women approve

I totally agree!

You are a very lucky man to have a woman like that!

If I could only get my wife on board, she would love it!

What you are saying is correct. She, being female, is all important and superior. You as a male are not worthy of even discussing. She is allowed to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants, and you are allowed to do whatever she wants.