Me Too!!

I think about it all day long, at work, at the gym and especially in my dreams. My guy is kind and handsome but i feel so unappreciated. He works out of town 3 weeks out of 4 and i am left with his kids - not mine his! I doubt i will ever actually cheat but it does keep a smile on my face.
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I know the feeling...

Make it clear in no uncertain terms how it's affecting your feelings of intimacy and having to deal with his kids. Was he working this job when you first got together? If so maybe tell him that being a babysitter was not what you signed on for.

you should cheat ;)

my dear friend you really have a raw deal.Why can't you move nearer him?It is unfair for you to be a free baby sitter

Aww yeah. He works away and is home for 7 days. My life is free babysitting and being a single mom to a child that someone else wont raise. You seem to get it - thanks faithful!

Going to the gym and flirting is quite fun. It's actually like high school flirting. More looking and smiling but not much chit chat. It's still enjoyable. Talk to you're husband about how lonely you're first. Ask him how he handles the separation. If no luck find a rod on the side.

Yeah i think I miss flirting. Good advice ;)