It's Ok If We're Both Married?

I haven't cheated on my wife, but the opportunity was definitely there. The first time an opportunity presented itself was when I was in key west for a bachelor party. My group merged with the bachelorette party she was in, and the married people (me and her) found each other. The dancing was getting hot, and the conversations after we're getting hotter. She mentioned its ok to hook up with married men, because they get it. They know its not going anywhere, and its like they are just satisfying a need, like i would be doing her husband a favor. She bragged about her oral skills and told me how horny she was getting. She even came back to the hotel suite with me. Nothing ever happened with her because everyone was there. The next opportunity was when I was out of town on business. Again I ended up talking to the married woman, and as the night progressed it unfolded in a very similar way. She said messing around with married guys was ok, she has her tubes tied and said she wasn't worried about stds messing with married men. Well, we stayed out too late, and we were both too drunk to do anything once we got back to the hotel (same hotel, different rooms). I have yet cheated, but the idea has crossed my mind a lot recently. So, is it less wrong to cheat with another married person?
WhatAreWeDoing WhatAreWeDoing
31-35, M
Dec 11, 2012