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I am married fo 27 long years and all through this time I have remained faithful to her through good and bad times.Sometimes it is wonderful ,sometimes sad, some happy, some sad...but always full of joy.May women eyed me before but I didn't give in even though sometimes my wife blames and scolds me.out of.jealousy.My wife is fully satisfied and purr like a kitten..with 3 to 8 *******.I take great trouble and effort to please her, love her and satisfy her..isn't this what we are suppose to do when we say we want to love and cherish our spouse?And she respond fully...
When I look through the stories of cheating wives, husbands,the theme is how great is the thrill and excitement of a new love...And the cheating spouse claims to love her call this love..cheating on your husband or wives...Sharing your beautiful body and the BEST with another?
with a stranger that is not by your bedside when you are sick, nor at your side when you give birth to your baby?When I thought of cheating my wife Iwonder how can i betray someone I love and cherish and work so hard to make this a happy home...Ladies how can you cherish someone who cheat on you,men can you really love someone so much that you found her with another men in your own bedroom? is very easy to cheat, but to stay faithful is difficult
The cheating man/lady alwaya say ..I'm so thrilled...They never say what can I do to make or communicate/sacrifice to make this a better home for my children, spouse .TRUE LOVE is giving up small pleasure in order to gain joy unspeakable of trusting one another and lying contented in each other's arms, knowing that our loved one won't ever betray us; and fixing in our minds that we won't betray our loved ones too.
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I totale agree with you!

Good story now be strong and stick to it.cheating is never worth it because in doing so you hurt others and yourself.Though attention is nice you have to draw a line.

It is my life...with God 's help " to cherish for better and for WORSE " this is the difficult health and in SICKNESS...this is the difficult part! God bless you!!!!!

it is a difficult journey but in the end so easy...

Very well broken down, and soo true!!

For some reason..I think I like your reasoning... and I am one man who has made countless married women cheat on their husbands, even when they never thought they couldn't.