I Actually Cheated

I did actually cheat on my husband with someone recently.  I had a pregnancy scare and swore to myself I would never see this guy again.

Well, now I am thinking about it again.  I could just kick myself.  I enjoy having sex with him.  But, I don't want to go through that torment again.

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It's natural to be curious about other people I am married to a wonderful Oman but am very curious about a woman I work with. She is married . What should I do?

Just in case no ones mentioned it, theres an implant you can get in your arm that acts as a pretty decent contraceptive for about five years or so

I take it hubby has had the big V. So many women are shocked when their desire for hubby diminishes after the snipping. You know you will see the guy again if you haven't already. Just take precautions and accept the outcome. Perhaps your husband will man-up if you get knocked-up.

Well use the woman condom that they sell , that way you don't get pregnant or tell him to pull out, if not well use a condom for him , i know is not the same but you won't get in trouble or with headaches

Ex's are not NSA. What you need is a booty call and a true NSA relationship. Obviously your man aint taken care of his business properly.

Cheating has so many dimensions and facets to it and we cannot get away from the guilt of it when that is part of our moral compass. You are correct as it relates to the hurt that can and usually does happen. Who wants to go through that again? Still, there is the wonderful sex and with someone new who finds you attractive and desirous. The body wants more but the heart and soul fears what might become of it later on. So what have to decided to do about it? I'd be curious.

I've found that if you'll tell your husband all the juicy details and tell him that it makes you more horny for him, he'll get turned on...that's what I did and he's now encouraging me to get f***** more so I can tell him all about it!

For goodness sake, get some condoms or get on the pill. Then have at it. And no "Kicking yourself" allowed. Guilt is destructive and will cause problems for you and your hubby. Enjoy it for all it's worth and be happier for it.. When you're eighty and in your rocking chair, you may regret it if you don't. Just be smart about it.

When I am 80 in the rocking chair, I'll have more regrets if I don't have more sex, not over the sex I've had with affairs. 80 is not the time for regrets, it's the time for reflection and memories. Wen I go out, I want to know I did all I could with the time I had. Not that I was celibate in a sexless marriage and passed up opportunity after opportunity to be "faithfull" to a woman who was too selfish satisfying her own desires to keep me happy. Guys are pretty easy to keep happy, have sex with us, experiment and be kinky from time to time. We'll be yours forever. Forget regret, lol. That's for those who did not life their lives to the fullest. No matter what the various religions of the world say, oh only get one trip on earth. Make it count.

You might think about birth control pills? I hate condoms myself...