This Is Crazy My Husband Wants Me To Have A Lover

He has been asking me for this for like 10 Years I am going back and forth with it he wants me to have sex with an other man and take some pics

He has Thousands of nude pics of me and love me to get kinky

I have almost done this like 3 Times and backed out I am not wanting to get attached to an other man

Can a woman just have sex with no attachment ?????
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We have been married for a while and things get stale. Same way to have sex each time. My husband found a man who was a good match for me. About once a month or 2 months this man comes to our house. My husband goes out and I have sex with this man for about 2 hours. My husband likes to see my pink ******** and then we have great sex in a different ways. I tell my husband all the details what we did. Sparks up our sex life.

I have been with my husband for twelve years now, and it was only within the last 5 years that we started to explore this type of experimentation in the bedroom. I still struggle with my role as "hot-wife" but it is nice once or twice a year! My worst fear is that it will be as often as I know my husband would like (as often as possible), but I have explained to him that just isn't the type of lifestyle I want for myself. At this point, we are in constant communication about it. Good Luck.

This is one of the most common fetishes men have. It ranges from wanting to give her an erotic experience they can both share to almost a a core need. The men with the core need are called cuckolds. I googled "cuckold and hotwife". It was very interesting to me. I read an interesting article on the fetish. In cuckolds, the fetish, like most fetishes, is hard wired. I can get very technical, but a cuckolds brain rewards him with dopamine when his wife is unfaithful. This is a very tuff concept for women. Their husband wants them to do the very thing, that would cause a divorce from a man without the fetish. This goes against most everything a woman has been taught about a relationship and marriage.

Interestingly, the more a hot wife explores, the closer and more connected a cuckold feels to her.. exactly the opposite of what she thinks should happen. So, typically, it can take a cuck hubby years to convince his wife to play this game.

Most hot wives, are not comfortable with their role at first.. they are doing it for their hubby because the love him so much. They need to understand, they are in control of the game, they have been given a get out of get out of jail free card and are not sure how or if they can really use it. Remember, it is suppose to be fun. If it is not fun or exciting, then dont do it. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to explore and share more intimately with your spouse than most people dream about.

There is another group of men who have this fetish, but are very different from a cuckold. They view their wife as very sexy, attractive and desirable. Seeing their wife with another man, who enjoys her and is excited by her, confirms he has a wife other men want. The woman who does this for her husband is giving him a big ego boost and validating his perception of her. Its like a boy with really cool toys, that he lets another boy play with for a little while, but then takes the toys home.. because they are his.. and now he knows the other kids on the block are envious of what he has!

There was a survey taken a couple of years ago with women who do this for their husbands. 74% said that since they started doing this for their husbands, their relationship and marriage is better. They started doing it for their husbands, now they do it for them and themselves

Once u go thru with it u won't regret it . As long as the love is strong between u and ur husband it only makes it better . After u finish with ur lover and come to ur husband it's like coming home . It makes u appreciate eachother more than ever . It only works if ur relationship is good . Try it and u will like it .

Biologically speaking, men were built to spread their seed and not form lasting bonds. Women were built to nest and forming an emotional connection is a part of our programming. Some women can venture off that path and for that matter some men can too. Perhaps a special occasion, a vacation rendezvous? A part from your reality and then back to the world you know. And who doesn't enjoy a vacation from time to time?