I Get Really Turned On With French Men

I just get so turned on with a man that is not from the US like from france or some other country

I have some really close to having sex with an other man a few times but back out

My Husband wants me to have sex with an other man and take some pics or video it for him

He says it turns him on we are just normal people we are not swingers or anything like that but I have been hearing this for 10 years

Would I feel bad If I do this for him would I hate him for it

Does he not love me I go back and Forth about it

It used to make me mad now I just go with it Sometimes when we have sex he wants me to Fantasize about it while he is doing me in the bed. So I do and when I do I feel bed for some reason. Is this ok for me to do if he wants it.

I have made some Videos to send to a guy that I thought was hot once and well I liked making the Videos but I soon just got over it Because the guy was in France and I was in the US.

Input would be good I love him and he loves me He says he loves to see my body in sexual Motion and being pleased

I used to use ***** and he would record it and I dont know what he ever did with it but it kind of turned me on.

I Go back and Forth is it ok if he wants me to do it??????
ShareBlondwife ShareBlondwife
36-40, M
Jan 14, 2013