I Have Never Thought About It... But I Did Do It...

I cheated on my husband. I slept with another man after I promised my husband I would never betray him. It started in the desert. With some friends. This guy knew that I was married. It didn't stop him from trying to have sex with me. I knew that's what he wanted from the first time I met him. But that didn't stop me from wanting to be around each other. After about four weeks we had sex. It wasn't great sex (it never was) and I felt like a *****. He made sure of that. He was also incredibly mean to me. Even pushing and grabbing me in front of people. Very strange. He would call me names and even threatened to hit me. Maybe this was the punishment for sleeping with another man. Even though he treated me like this. I kept coming back to him. Even though he would call me a b***h and ignore me in front of his friends, he would still buy all of my drinks and walk me back to my room. He would pickk me up in a Humvee on my days off too give me something to do. He volunteered at my job on his day off. When we got home I thought that was that. But he called me... A lot... I started to think that maybe he did care.  I saw him once more and he was a complete jerk. (We did not have sex). I thought maybe a bad day. Considering the fact that he didn't pressure me into sex (too much) But he went crazy on me over the phone one day and that was the end. I quit calling him and he eventually quit calling me. I still hear things that has said to other people but it's over now. Although this seems like a great time to end the story it's not over. When I stopped answering the calls I got caught. Saying got caught is the wrong way to put it... I guess that's the best way to put it though... I devastated my husband... He tried kill himself... He cried and begged for answers. For what? I cannot tell you what I gained from being with the other guy. I can tell you what I did lose... My self respect, my husbands trust and almost his love... I would never recommend to anyone the cheat on thier spouse. But to all those hypocrites who insult people who have cheated I want to let you know that some one you dated (or married) has cheated on you. And until everyone is perfect I don't think that anyone has the right to judge me for something I have done...


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add me please

I cheated once on my first wife. Although the sex was great, I realized I had placed everything I love at risk. Wow, what was I thinking? Too bad sex can't be more open without hurting your life partner. I love my wife, but let's face it. Sex after six years is not what it is when you have sex for the first time. Is it just me?

mmmmmmmmmmm i like what you did. You should tell him face to face to humiliate him and see the look on his face lol

Wasn't a high point in my life I don't think but there is a lot that goes with the story really. What's done is done now!

Wow. Not my experience at all. I love a different man now and then. It keeps the passion alive. Too bad you didn't at least enjoy the sex!

Oh yeah... I was totally looking for your sympathy?! People do stupid things everyday and rely on the wrong people everyday. Its not like I knew he was gonna turn out to be a complete jerk. But I got what I expected out of the relationship, what more could I ask?

hey, your problem is that you cheated with a jerk. Next time find a decent guy...have a little fun and get off this poor me victim stuff. and tell you're husband to grow up and be a man. it's not the end of the world...sounds like a cry baby to me

There are too many answers for that hippie. But that in and of it's self is a niave question. I could tell you why I cheated but I'm sure it's not your ex-girlfriend's reason.And no answer will be good enough. No matter what someone says someone else will have a rebuttal. Not too many people will say "oh, yeah! That's totally a good reason to cheat on your spouse!" (Or girlfriend, in your case). To get an answer you need to get it from her. And like me she shouldn't have anything else to hide so she might just tell you the truth...

I'm not perfect but I have to agree that you devasted your husband beyond your wildest imagination. <br />
<br />
When a guy's spouse cheated on him, his confident went bottom b/c he thought he did so much for you and you didn't appreciate his love, support, time, caring ... etc. <br />
<br />
At least that's how I felt when my ex gf cheated on me, it changed me completely from a naive boy to an adult with my eyes opened not to ideology but reality. <br />
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What tick people to cheat though.... boredom?

no... Is that the wrong answer?????

Hey, Thanks and I am glad that you understood what I meant... I never wanted people to think I was condoning what I did... But for them to maybe think about thier own life a little before they flew off the handle...

I would never judge a person for their choices, especially when those choices seemed like the only way out at the time...possibly an attempt to feel anything that was better than the situation at home? I feel your pain...that is a tough one. Just make sure you can still love yourself...after that, everything else is easier.

I think that is why I cheated on my husband. because he did it to me. sick and twisted.