its not cheat when he actually loves it................there was this incident when we were out partying at his friends house. i knew he loved me to wear skimpy clothes which his buddies love. so i was there in a dress with a plunging neckline and the dress barely covered my ***. his friends were eyeing me and that made me hot. i excused myself and headed for the wc.  two of his friends tailed me and came into the wc after they pushed me in.we made out and one of them hiked up my dress to enter me from behind and made me suck his friend..............................that was hot and we were out of there in five mins

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you is a BAD *****. i wonder who's your next victim of circumstances?

Wow that is hot... quiero algo asi mamijeje...


Hola chica caliente! Love your profile foto! Let's check the drinks in the kitchen... just you and me *S*<br />

I bet hubby loved that! Knowing that his friends were in the bathroom ******* his hot little wife! Such a **** and I love it!!!!

you sound hot to me

If you were puttin those lips on me I'd sure as hell make it last more than five minutes.

mmm.. nice! let's get together if you are in the DC are by any chance!!

You're all disgusting.

5 mins? As beautiful as you are I'm surprised they lasted that long.

My hubby's black friends would be very welcome! If he wants them in me, well how could I tell him 'no'.

Didn't that just leave you wanting more?

I want to become friends with your hubby & seduce you.

hot lil story! i fancy your adventures n truly have a crush on hot women that love to play.<br />
<br />
btw u r right, it's not cheating when u r shared by your man.<br />
<br />
keep on going...

would he share you with an older man that's a taboo

If that's you in your profile pic, I can imagine only taking 5 minutes to do you!! You're gorgeous!!

Damn, a quickie with you just wouldn't be enough for me. I'd need to find a bedroom and bang the crap out of you for hours.

**** tht was hot..i'd love to watch my wife spread her legs for my friends

Fast work at that.Like that adventure.Cheating gives a tinge to the enjoyment.