After being with him for more than 10 years, the sex is almost non-existence, both of us are lazy to work on impressing each other, taking us for granted. My husband says he can't live without me, but he is not doing anything to make me feel I'm desired. I can't help but think how nice it will feel once again to be wanted by someone else, to have sexual relationship with someone new. I am wondering if my thoughts will stay as just fantasy or is this the first sign that will lead me to do something I will regret.
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You can't expect him to try if you're not going to try for him first. maybe he'll start trying if you start to. even talk to him about it. things don't work when they're double standard.

Fantasies can be good acting on them can go either way.. i have both been burned bad and had most amazing times with the same person.. either way i would do it again

Just be discreet

You have written EXACTLY what I feel! I flirt with guys at work and sometimes wonder if I could follow through with it. He avoids me, says he's coming to bed then sleeps on the lounge. I don't know if it's because of desires I have asked him to explore with me or the promotion I am soon to get. I'm confused and lonely. I don't want to cheat but I want to be touched lovingly.

I know how you feel. It's so complicated and so many clashing feelings all the time. I wish someone else would come and sweep me off my feet and give me the courage to leave him!

i am only married for three years and i have the same feeling as you do!

take a defenseless trusting animal, throw it into boiling water-watch and listen to it- that'll give you an idea of the pain you'll cause if you cheat.

i have the same issue in reverse. i have thought of cheating, but up to this point, it has only been a fantasy. the idea of being with another woman is very appealing and erotic. still not sure what will happen.

Find a 6ft 4 Hunky Black guy and let him take you to another place!

Better to close this chapter and move on if he makes u miserable. If u love him u should try and fix it

Read Mating In Captivity. It may help fix things or it may just help you get it straight in your head what you want in an affair and how to get it. Very non-judgmental book about many aspects of sex in marriage and extramarital sex.

Do what ever makes you happy, I know it seems confusing at times but you need to do what makes you happy, people do live second lives all the time.