A Hunt Of A Kill

I imagine myself in my wolf form,a brown she~wolf with gold streaks in my fur,and hazel eyes.I imagine myself and my pack hunting deer,we just brought down an old male,and began eating by order of rank.It was going great until I heard a gun shot,I went to see wht happened,wht I saw made my heart stop,and my blood run cold.I saw a wolf on the ground...Not breathing,I heard the footsteps of humans,I smelled their scent,not human something worse....hunters.Before I knew it they took me down,now I was the wolf on the ground in the puddle of blood,before I drew my last breath ,I noticed tht the wolf tht was beside me,was my closest friend.If you want to know wht I think when I imagine my fears as well as death,I think this.......
WolfFire1013 WolfFire1013
13-15, F
2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I understand it's your worst nightmare,I don't want to end like that, killed by a hunter. I already start growling when I think about it. =(

This is my worse nightmare.......