Open Your Eyes

Death has been a big part of my life. Many people I love have passed away, so it really lead my to think about death quite a bit actually. Many people who have died in my life have either committed suicide, passed away from drugs, or accidents. Sometimes I wonder what they penetrated into, I wonder what is waiting on the other side. There is a part of me that says nothing is there, but then there's is a larger part of me that says there is. Honestly, I think that death is a beautiful thing, but I am deeply saddened by loosing those I love, but birth, and death is a beautiful thing. I think what happens is, is that you reincarnate, and recycle into another new body, so if you think about it's sort of beautiful, it's a part of life, it's a transition. With the religious views that have been fed to me since I was little, it completly contridicts all the information I've been raised on. Two opposing sides. Honestly, what ever is laying on the other side, won't change just because I want it to, so I guess I will just see when the time comes. I sure do miss those people though, where ever they are. Sometimes, they come to me in my dreams, or I hear their voice in my head, and I just can't tell if it's really them, or my own imagination. , 
BehindBlueEyes11 BehindBlueEyes11
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2010