Death Ugh!!!

I wake up sometimes with an anxiety attack and think about having to die one day. I am panicked then I get out of bed and usually am hollowing NO, it doesn't go away without taking any anxiety medicine. I hate feeling this way when it happens I get angry and wonder why he would give us life and then take it away. I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren and its just not fair!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Living in panic!
paulawest paulawest
46-50, F
1 Response Oct 25, 2011

Thank you for your response, I don't know if I can sit still long enough to listen to a song, when it happens I just run around in a panic. I have thought about living for eternity and maybe I am not seeing the bad in it. It just seems so unfair, I would love to be around my children's, children's!<br />
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