Yours Not Mine, Of Course

A year ago, I'd spend a day thinking of ways on which you would succumb.When you'd lash your anger at me without any provocation, I would stare at you imagining blood all over your face dripping to the carpet.At night, I'd lay down thinking of ways to defend myself if one day, I will just pick up your gun and blow your head off.

There are times that I would read books on ways a person would be declared innocent after killing someone...Hahaha..I even tried to convince our young maid (remember her?) to help me discard your chopped body in case I will finally kill you..

That was then...I realized I needed you to stay alive so you will see me rise from the ashes to which you put me now and like a Phoenix, I will soar up high.
MyZen MyZen
36-40, F
Nov 24, 2011