A Matter Of Time

The subject of talking about death is about breathing in the  gathering of gloom and dark shadows that intrude my vision of what death is.The terrifying realization that one day it's going to happen to me,you and everyone. I just can't realize that it will be an enjoyable journey to the Heavens or Hell of our wildest imagination.

I thought about this a lot the other day when a friend of mine Jim died of ms and other ailments that attacked his body. I'm only four days older than he is and it really made me think about death.We just don't know when our number will be up.One must think about it though since it is a part of life and is just a matter of time.
It's what we do with it while were here and how we treat others and ourselves for that matter is what counts.If one has a faith that sometimes help knowing one has another life and journey to take in the Heavens.And for the one  that does not believe a journey to a complete dark hole of darkness never to a wake again. Yikes! a very scary place for me to even think about. Why one might ask even talk about death? Well stop and think about it. It's a part of life,a journey to the unknown.

This life so far has been a journey just being taught how to treat people and hard lessons on how relationships with all man kind are. Are you the person you would like to be in life?    Have you done all you can to make the changes you can with yourself and to try and love the one your with?
Life's getting shorter now really for all of us.Do all you can do and love each other unconditionally. It's just a matter of time before we go to the twilight zone area of the unknowns.Will you be alright ? I believe I will.There's more to love in the heavens now. My friend Jim and some family members will be waiting.... 
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2 Responses Apr 25, 2012

I am having a really difficult time dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. I have 10 brain lesions now. I do not ever seek sympathy......only empathy, as we all have a story.<br />
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My fatigue is severe and I have chronic pain which makes life very difficult. Sometimes I just want to sleep and never wake up, but then GOD speaks to me and gentle reminds me, that with him I can, and will, endure all pain and suffering.<br />
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So.......I try to focus on all the beautiful and little things I use to take for granted and I soon find myself smiling again.<br />
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I have a beautiful new baby grandson who is 4 wks old and 3 other grandchildren. One is 3yrs old, the second one is 2 1/2 yrs old, the third is 10 mo old and the 4th is the one mentioned above.<br />
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They remind me that what I endure everyday makes my life worth living.

Dear Haunted,<br />
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I am so sorry for your loss. Multiple Sclerosis is so devastating as you know.<br />
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I really enjoyed what you wrote and respect your view point. Thank you for sharing,