Tomorrow...not Guaranteed!!!

Now being born and raised in the church, the subject of death has always been present in the pastor's sermons. The idea that at any moment, any time, any could be your last time. Sometimes I can't help but wonder when my last day on earth will be. Will I be ready for it? Will it be quick and painless or slow and tortuous? I can't imagine the afterlife and what that may be like. Lol it would be funny if a piano fell on me while I was typing this story.
When I was younger, there was a VHS that came out that actually depicted scenes of people dying. If anyone from my time period remembers the name of this video, please let me know. It had scenes of people being ran over by trains, attacked by animals, people being executed and even a ritual where a human had his heart cut out. Back then, things like that weren't shown on T.V. Unless it was a horror or anykind of movie where people die, it really wasn't a big deal. Video games didn't really depict death until the infamous Mortal Kombat hit the scene. It was such a shocker then that Nick News did an enitre section on it. Spines being ripped, hearts being pulled out, characters being impaled, burned to ashes, decapitated, melted by acid, and even being inflated til they exploded. Then death became a central part in games and how they can be made to look more real and graphic. The sad thing is that children see these images and think its funny to kill people especially if what they see is slapstickish. They think "Hey its fake, and if i kill someone theyre just going to respawn anyway". From books, to tv, to media, death is now treated casually and without considering its a permanent end to life.
I always joke around and say, "I can die tomorrow" and I usually get told to "SHUT THE HELL UP". In all seriousness, the possibility of passing on is very real and we all have to face that fear. That's why I live each day like its my last, and that's why I try to live life happy and worry free. I don't want to leave this world knowing I have unfinished business or unsettled problems. When my time is over, I want everything to be in order, and I dont want anyone to cry at my funeral lol. So live your life, love your woman, and fulfill your dreams because you ARENT guaranteed tomorrow. Thx for reading!!!!
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Dec 6, 2012