Yes, We All Need to Think Abou...

Yes, we all need to think about it - all we really have is each breath we take.  I like the Buddhist way because they practice dying.  My 2nd husband and I used to do this.  It is like meditation, it is just letting go, complete relaxation.  He was a Zen Buddhist.
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It felt as if we were flying the air - I would hang onto him for dear life. He wasn't afraid. At that time, I was. I also used to have dreams I was flying - there are those who say these dreams are real. Have you ever had a dream of flying?<br />
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Since then I have had friends who have died and have chosen to come back. And have friends also who have chosen to have out of body experiences. I think there is a group or two on here who have had them and are into discussing them.

Do you have any shareable experiences from this "practicing dying"?