Since My Mom Died, And Especially Before I Sleep

i could die any minute now, any second. maybe I'll die during my sleep. i wish god would give me enough time to fix myself after the whole teenage period of my life, with its confusions about who i wanna be and its stressful experiences and guilt ends. I feel like I'll go to Hell if I die now. i just keep thinking about this especially before i go to sleep. also when I am depressed and when during an ok - to- happy that turns to an almost tragedy when someone around me gets sick or breaks a bone or have anything bad happen to them. this is one of the reasons i take too long to fall asleep. the feeling decreased its severity through time but i wish i couldn't get it just b4 i sleep, its ok to get it through the day, but b4 i sleep, i wanna asleep, i want my mind to rest and stop thinking about this.
Shamandora Shamandora
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

i don't like to argue about beliefs and stuff, i really don't. just leave it

heaven and hell don't exist the bible is man made wrote by man it wasn't god or jesus who wrote it was it and it has been passed down through time and altered constantly the human race are stupid to think that hell is real come on what year is it 2013 last time I checked we do have souls but no hell or heaven just another dimension we enter after death but if you want to be sucked in by what passed people have wrote then you believe what you want its all nonsense time for a reality check..

when the time is right you probably will wish death. you see death is easy life is hard.

Not really, hell is harder than life as bad as it could get