Once I had this dream were me my mom and sis were in a dark home (our home). Every time mom lit the dragon incense burner death and our protecter spirits would show up. Death showed up every time and gave us (me mainly) a deal that if we gave our souls to him to keep we would have powers beyond anything. The last he came he chose us all. I was chaotic my sis was the healer and mom was strength. My purpose was to cause chaos every were I went. Sis was to heal me and mom was to protect us. I got a death motorcycle mom got a fire horse that was immortal and sis got wings. I was the most violent and sis was kindest. It ended with me killing a lot of people I know. If Death was really in my dream then I know what he looks like (he's black and hooded. and carries the deathiest scythe you will ever see in your life.).
GeneralRose GeneralRose
18-21, F
Feb 2, 2013