No one has unequivocal ´roof that there's such a thing as an afterlife, wich is why my theories will have to do.
I think about what life is, so maybe i can imagine what death must be like.
Life: Can you describe it? What does it mean to be alive in the first place?
I, like many others, have thought about suicide and the consequences of taking my own life. Now, i still think about it, but not as seriously as before. It helped me make a few observances about the different states of life:

Suffering, happiness, joy, depression, tears, laughter... Just some of the things we have all experienced in life. Is it true or not htat when you are sad, the world just seems like a horrible place? What about whenyou're happy? The sun shines like it never did before and the wind rufles your hair playfully and, wow, isn't life just amazing?
Then what is death, if not another of the many states of BEING?
How one will experience the 'Afterlife' depends on no one else. I imagine my life after this one and i wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, i live hardships and more often than not i am very sad; but it's all part of life, and if i take with me that optimisms then maybe i won't feel any different after i die. Not so sure if i'm making anu sense, but that's just how i feel. You make your 'Afterlife', you build it and it's ever changing. Nothing is perfect and nothign lasts forever. Perhaps we can reincarnate, or at least we will have all eternity to continue growing and learning, but we'll still have limited knowledge bacause the universe is not finite; like us, it evolves.
sayonaranow sayonaranow
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2013