Of course I think about death, everyone does at some point in their lives.
But I tend to think of death as a natural thing in life, a begining to another life.
I'm not afraid of it and I shall never fear it.
I do think about it, but not as a negative process but a tansformation that occurs everyday and that, even if it hurts those left behind, brings peace to troubled souls and happy souls.
SilentEve SilentEve
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 3, 2007

Im withyou there, I think that people should, be strong and know that when your time comes it comes and that there is nothing you can do about it,.<br />
And those that are left behind cry,.. but not for the pearson that they have lost but for themselves ,because they know that they are never going to see them again in this life,....<br />
LOve and light.stay strong,my friends...Blesed be**