I Think About Death...

and i'm actually quite scared of what is gonna happen.  No one really knows what happens and thats the worst part for me:  the unknown.  If I knew what happens after we die I'd feel a lot better.  But sometimes my imagination runs wild and I think about dying and what it would be like.  Then I get scared outta my mind.
snobunny826 snobunny826
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2 Responses Jun 26, 2007

I've never really been scared of death. I haven't put a lot of thought in to it. If I die something might happen or something might not. I know whatever will happen, I'll make the best of it as I always have. Even if you knew what would happen, it would make no difference. If you are a good person, that should be all that matters. If that isn't enough for some, then I don't want to hang around them anyways.

If you are scared of death, perhaps it is all the more reason to live life to its fullest.