What Would Happen?

I think alot about death, but not about myself dieing. I wonder what would it would be like to lose someone very close to me and how I would react. There was one day when I was following my sister into town and I thought about her having a wreck right in front of me and wondered how I would feel. Would I be to shocked and over come by grief to help her or would I bounce back and gather myelf enough to save her? I often find myself day dreaming about possible senarios in which people would be hurt and if it happened in front of me would I just stand there stunned at the awful sight or would I be able to stomach offering my help to something I had never before witnessed. Right after I had my baby I was always worried about SIDS. I would make myself sick worrying about her breathing. She slept in her bassinet next to my bed and I would sleep with my hand on her back so I could feel her breathing. I would wonder if by chance I were to walk in and she wasn't breathing if I would just collapse on the floor with her in my arms. Completely useless and unable think straight enough to get help. Or would I be able to revive her myself or get her help quick enough. I always made sure my phone was charged for that very reason. I have these wonderings quite often. Not once has my own life become victim to them. I'm derranged!
Luci Luci
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2007

Marji, that sounds like karma to me!!!

I think most of us moms have done the "what if" scenario with our babies and kids. I've done it with mine, and some family members. And esp. at work since it's in a Doc's office! You're probably more normal (not demented!) than you think! However, I wouldn't tell your sister about the car thought... she might not appreciate it! =P