All I Think About Is Death

i dont knw were to start or why im doing this but here i am. i wake up ever morning thinking about dying im no scared i just need answers.i think about how fast i can take my life and end it in a matter of seconds and it wouldent effect many people at all.there are times i will go out and just watch people walk around like pidgeons, disgusted at how we have destroyed this beatiful planet that we live on, and how they complane about how hard there lifes are because daddy dident buy them a bently for there 16th birthday when there are children getting cigareets burnt outon there necks and children starving in other countrys whilst the goverment have the power to change this, but they sit there lying to use  about how they are changing things but if you look around you nuffings changings its getting worst and worst, kids are holding guns, knifes even samurai sword..i wish i could be normal and be happy but my walls have crashed into me and i find it hard to be happy when are lifes are becoming lies.

 all the best........dont let anyone bring you down  peace out.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Its a tough old world, I kinda went through a similar thing. <br />
Its not nice or plesent but it does get better.<br />
Honestly.<br />
<br />
Hope things go well for you.<br />
<br />
Carpe Diem.

The wonderful thing about life is that it is not static,and is ever changing and therefore every day is a new day.Change your thoughts and replace them with positive ones,and your whole feeling of life would change.Try to dwell on positive and uplifting thoughts instead of morbid and dreary thoughts.Things are how they are,and sometimes we don,t seem to have control over them,but we have control over our thoughts and beliefs.Doesn,t it feel better to know joy,than dwell on sadness alone.You have the power,just try it.