Death - Some thing which has No Life..

Well you know that is one of the thing which you cannot avoid but still continue to run away from it. But as you know you can run but can never hide from it.

My hide and seek began with death a few years back when I was riding my motorbike. Something came in the way I don't know from where or may be it was already there and it got entangled in my neck and I was thrown off my bike's seat as I watched my bike go ahead of me almost 100metres and fall off. Things happened so quickly that I did not realize what was happening. But well as miracles happen, I was still alive and breathing.. I was hurt but still not as bad as I should have been. That's the first time ever I thought of how scary it can be..

A second chance to live, I move to a different country. A few months back this time riding a bicycle. waiting at the man crossing signal to turn green so that I can cross with my bike. The signal turns green and start riding. Half way into the road I look to my left and am dumbstruck to find a mini truck headed towards me. " What the F@@@ I say to myself and think what the hell is this guy doing breaking a signal to kill me?" I look ahead to find it's not he who is breaking it but it's me. what the hell was I thinking ? I saw the signal across the road turn green thinking it's clear but missed the correct light. I give up waiting for the truck to hit me. All this happens in a flash, the next thing I know is the truck hits the rear wheel of my bicycle I am still alive not even bruised this time but I can't say the same about my bicycle.

another chance to live. Yet another miracle.. I think to myself you can't be so lucky to survive twice. There's definitely something you are yet to do or achieve in your life. What is it though ?? I still do not know and I continue to search for those answers ... my game of hide and seek with death continues...

But I learn one big lesson. It's easy to think that you don't want to live and why am alive but when you face death you want to live. There are a lot of people who probably already seeing death fighting cancer but still continue to live and play this game.. these people are real warriors.

When you may feel lifeless at times, do think of the best lively times in your life and see how you can be happy and content with what you have.. coz it's much better to think of having a life and how you can improve it rather than wasting time thinking of lifeless things on which you don't have and will never have any control...
uselessguy uselessguy
36-40, M
Aug 22, 2014