Im always thinking about death and what would happen if i died!So thats the topic!LOL
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I also see death as rest,since all our sensations are done only through our body,after death we cannot feel anything as we felt now,so that would either mean we are free of sensations thus forever free of pain or we are subject to completely new experiences that are unimaginable for us when we are alive.

Why are you so sure we get to rest when we die? Perhaps we will be busier than ever. We will have to account for all our past actions and I know in my case, I have a lot to account for so don't see myself getting much rest. Plus I will need to catch up with all my friends and loved ones that passed before me. I get more here I think than there. LOL.

Hmm emerald makes a fair point basically whether or not you believe in life after death

Depends on if you believe everyone has a soul or not, and what that soul does after leaving the physical body. Since I see death as a time I'll actually get some REAL rest, I choose to think about LIFE,LIVING,and how to get the most out of the NOW!!