Death has been in my thoughts for as long as I remember. 

At a certain age it was even an attractive perspective and at one point -I was a teenager- I seriously thought of killing myself.  Maybe I was desperate, maybe a hopeless black romantic. 

My desire to die didn't last but I kept on thinking about death as I grew older.  I put myself in danger, but I stayed alive. 

That I did con mucho gusto.  I love life and my yearning to do away with it are gone for a long time already. 

Maybe it is because death is so important to me and something I keep on thinking of, that I'm a vitalist. 

There's but one thing we all know for sure: life has no happy ending. 

For me that's a very good reason to enjoy my time as much as possible and live my life to the fullest.

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True... but isn't that generalizing everyone? There is a hint of selfishness for wishing immortality... or perhaps fear???<br />
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But More... *Sylph puts hands on her hips* .........Bella is a vampire... Sylph is a fairy... ;)

I don't let you divert from the essence, dearest Sylph.<br />
What makes us humans want to make an exception to the laws of nature and claim eternal life? Isn't that a bit preposterous for a species that has no problem with killing?

No,, Taken, Ever and I are the best when together...<br />
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Sorry, More...kinda taken over your story always happens to us when we start commenting. The story evolves. ;)

YAY...That's so awesome....:D<br />
<br />
Thanks're the best..*hugs*

This fairy would love to have a vampire friend forever, Bells...then I won't be sad anymore... *hugs*

So crosses my mind often<br />
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All I ask is to see my son grow up,then I am fine with what comes next......<br />
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Sylph,I do love fairies but if I were to live forever, kinda liking being a vampire..hehe

*puzzled by the fairies*

It can bleed, More...if the heart belongs to someone she loves dearly...<br />
<br />
The honey??? Well....... ;)

Are you sure? I thought a fairy's heart doesn't bleed, it oozes honey, isn't it?

LOL!<br />
But then that becomes sad... everybody around me dying... that would just bleed my heart...

you will, of course, Sylph, but everybody else is gonna die!

Scary... love to live forever... maybe as a fairy, I will...