Fathers and Daughters

 fathers the prospective husbands depend on you to get this right.

ep. i am one of the shy ones.




Born of love.

Thing of beauty.

Daddy’s angel.


Budding with nature

beautiful landscape

flowing springtime river.


Summer sun

bring forth your crops.

Show your bounty.


Eagle, soar.

Reach your heights.

Walk with me, let me go.


I am proud.



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14 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Awww, this is such a nice thing to say. Thank you!

Well, Miss Spring, you have love from here over the seas.

Another wonderful poem. I love it, as well as Datura' s comment above. I never felt special to my father, as a child. Now I'm thinking that perhaps he simply didn't know how to express his feelings for me but when I was a child I suffered because of that. Anyway, it's been a long time since then and I've made peace with that. Now he tries to make up for it all, being a good grandpa to my son. That means a lot.

you are too kind

...im proud ap is like dad to me..<br />
i like ur stories bcj*

thank you lady june.

Leaving me speechless and teary eyed, b.. :)

why thank you destry.<br />
<br />

hope it helps.<br />
<br />

Oh, yes. Being my father's only daughter, I always knew how special I was to him. That specialness is conveyed in your poem.<br />
<br />
And my own daughter is reaching the age where her father is realizing the time is soon coming to let her soar, to let her go. My husband is having some trouble with this part. Perhaps I should let him read your poem.

d<br />
<br />
you liked?<br />
<br />

thanks tasmin.<br />
<br />

It made me think of how proud my father was of me.

Very celebrationary .. <br />
<br />
Enjoyed reading this .. thank you