I Answered A Question ''what Dads Should Know''

my answer was : ''they should know they have kids,to know that kids deserve love n care,to know to be patient with them and not hurt them,to know to be there for them, to know that kids see their elders and will remember what they do ex.if u dont show love to ur kids ,they will remember that always,to know their kids have dreams and they shouldnt ruin it but encourage them..etc''

but i think there are more that dads should know..

if u have a good dad , a daughter should know that - if ur dad is overprotective is coz his love for u is so big that he wants to protect u,if he yells one time it might be coz hes sad for a reason but he still loves u.a good dad is always there..

 if a dad is 'bad' kids should tell someone.. if a dad uses bad words to his kids ,kids will always remember the words.if a dad hurts his kids ,kids can do many things..

i think if u want to be a dad-if u arent already-u should think a child is a life, they deserve love n care n protection..

dont ignore ur kids.. i think u should spend time with them.i think family is important.. yeah,tell ur daughter shes a princess to u,tell ur son hes gonna grow up and do great things,show u believe in ur kids and b proud for them.. hold their hand and go with them to school.. study with them sometimes.ask ''how was ur day'' .. if theres a problem in house ,dont let it ruin the relationship u have with ur kids-or ur wife-..talk with ur kids..but most of all love them like a dad should ..

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More potential fathers should get themselves sterilized for the betterment of society.

yeah son or daughter..im glad he was talking about u,it means he loved u a lot,he was thinkin about u all time..hugs..thank u..