My Dad And Football

My father tells somebody that he is afraid of being at the centre of a town while there is a match. Of course, it is because of he is afraid of an attack of stadium bandits. It is no curious. I think we must be conscious that there is a very big danger, spreading out of every high risky match, when there is a big probability of riots. I addiction, we have got a new car. You know, nobody wants to have got a new car smashed by furied group af masked bandits with knives and baseball bats. And...who will repair you a broken teeth, after you could try to defend your properties against all that agressors. You say..a dental surgeon, but...sincerely speaking, it is very risky to go to the footbal match in Poland, because of you can lose your camera, car or even your own life. I also am able to say I am afraid of that bandits. So, paradoxally I was glad, despite of fact of a sllight ashame, when there was a guard of counter terrorist police in our town railway station. It is horrible.
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Sep 8, 2012