Forever And A Day

I think about it,
It's in my mind?
Isn't it on yours?
I want to be understood. I want to be kissed and held sweetly.
I want to travel down the road, and When I hope to see you, you'll be there.
I don't want to be alone.
Maybe this sounds desperate, But I think about forever.
I know what you may think, I'm too young to be thinking of that now, I'm just born thinking about my future, my forever.
I can't wrap my head around these feelings I have, I don't want to be split up, I want to achieve togetherness.
I know some can't see, what's so special about just a you and me, the fact being, I want a you.
Not someone who doesn't know me,
A man that gets me.
In forever, we stay hand in hand til' we die.
I want to reach you where the stars can't get, further on than that,
I don't want to just know you to be a simple plan.
I want adventure in this every day life.
It would be an every day passion, to make it intense, every day love.
I don't want a simple man, I want different plan.
I think about forever and a day, that way
Forever never ends.
18-21, F
May 21, 2012