Why Stay Alone??? Never!!!

I dont understand why people die staying alone all the time....feeling so very lonely inside their hearts....feeling as if nobody cares for them!! That's wrong! Its totally foolish.  Nobody deserves to stay alone....for God is with each one of us. He is there within every body. 

No matter others care for you or not, dont think of all that...HE does think of you. HE cares for you. The master of universe...the LORD......the greatest person amongst all the souls in this universe...He is standing beside you...
The one who is actually taking care of us every ticking secong...the one who is feeding us..providing food n water n shelter.....when such a Great person Himself is caring for us so much.....why do we have to forget Him n crave for other's care???? 
Why cant we see that He is the one protecting us whole day and night???? Why dont we trust Him??? Why do we stupidly go n pray Him, when we know that He would always do the best for us??? 
Wondered what He ever wanted from us??? LOVE... Anybody for that matter....if you love someone deeply, its understood that you expect the same from the other side...in that way....why shouldn't God be expecting that from us????? The one who does so so much for us....we in the end..give Him nothing...we dont even think of Him most of the time in one single day.....we have our own problems and keep running behind them just like fools....remember...Gos gave us the problems...so never fear...He is with us...all the time....He would also give you the solution....all that you have to do is TRUST Him....can't we do this much? cant we trust Him? cant we love him? when He can think about us the whole day, why can't we do it for HIm.??
Stop going behind people...HE shall be your very best friend...n would protect you till the end no matter what....IF you TRUST HIm from the core of your hearts!!


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4 Responses Nov 29, 2011

God saves me because I'm feeling so alone right now.

don't feel alone!! :)

great thanks for sharing

that's my pleasure :)

Yes, your right... the moment we find our self to God is the only gift we could receive for the rest of our life.