So Why Am I So Confused?

I grew up in a religious home even went to a baptist school, every time the doors where open we where at church. now that i am older and suppose to be wiser, I feel like I am doing everything wrong and I feel like it is to hard to live up to Gods standards. I feel like god is driving me crazy. any feed back would be appreciated.
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God is not driving u crazy, it is only our resentment and disobedience towards God that makes us feel that you must obey Him wholeheartedly to experience God's supernatural power.

So the core of your feelings is that you don't think you're doing a good enough job following God's standards?<br />
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Let's look at it this way. Nobody can perfectly follow God's commands. Or at least, I know I can't. But that's OK. We aren't required to be perfect. God knows we can't follow his commands 100% of the time. That's why Jesus died on the cross for us. To take the punishment for our sins. When we accept Jesus Christ, God doesn't see us as dirty rotten sinners. He sees us through the lens, if you will, of his Son's blood, and through that lens he sees people who are righteous and holy.<br />
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This is not a license to sin, of course. We need to continually strive to live holy lives. This means repenting of things we know to be sinful. And this hard. Really hard, sometimes. At least for me anyway. Strive to live for God. Make that decision to repent and trust God to guide you. And if you're doing that and you sin along the way, you're not done for. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on going in life. <br />
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I would advise praying and reading the Bible, of course. These are two things which draw you closer to God. Also, if you don't have a church already, find one that faithfully preaches the Gospel and get involved with them. It will help. Ask God to help you be a better follower of him.

Wow, that's so the opposite of what I feel. Out of anything Ive encountered God is the only thing that's brought me to tears for so clearly loving me just as I am. Sometimes I thank Him for loving me inspite of myself....

I do not have great advice but here is a helpful link for questions you might have:<br /><br />
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Keep the faith! :-) Gods loves you, and always will!

If you could read the Old Testament, you will learn about GODS great compassion, love and devotion HE has for HIS creation called human beings. He gives us guidelines to live by, which are called commands and Laws because HE knows what is best for us, just as any "good" parent knows what is good for their child.<br />
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If you can learn how to love truly, the commands and laws would be no problem to live by.

There are many times where I have felt exactly the way you have. I was raised catholic yet we didnt go to church all of the time. As I grew older I tried going to other types of churches. I tried baptist, catholic and non-denominational and all of them I found to be very hypocritical and judgemental. I am not saying that all of the churches under these religions are this way but that is what I experienced. I felt like I was never perfect enough. Then I realized that I was just trying to please those people who are not the ones who determine the way my life plays out. I learned that in order to make myself happy about my faith that I have to practice my beliefs in the way that brings me the closest to god. I learned how to live by gods words and examples not by constricting my lifestyle but by choosing my battles and realizing that god made ME. He made me the way that I am, and I can say that he made me a good person. I don't need a priest or pastor to tell me that I have sinned and whether I will go to heaven or not because I talk to god all of the time and I know that the way I am living my life is making him happy and it is also making me happy. I read the bible and I pray. I may not do it every single day or every second of the day but I have proof enough that god is there for me. I know that it can be tough trying to be perfect, but sooner or later you have to realize that God loves YOU, because he made YOU, the way you are. He has a plan for your life and believe it or not some day he will show it to you. You just have to be patient and really open your eyes to see. feel free to email me any time.

Don't live up to his standards, live up to yours and the community around you. Don't think that you need his blessing but rather the blessing of family, friends neighbors and complete strangers. <br />
I think about God everyday. I ask myself why would God think about me. I wish I had my mother or sister's believe in God. In fact I feel sad and anoyed that I can't believe that he exist. My way of thinking is that why would a omnipotent beign like him worry about us. Its like me worrying about the dust mites in my bed which I know exit. I mean I know they are there but I can' t relate to them and in a sense that may be how God sees us if there is one.<br />
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The questions I have for you are 1. Do you truly believe in God? 2. Do you feel that he is looking after you? Do you need him in your life? Are you sure you are not trying to live up to the expectation of what other believes on how you should be believing in God? Not sure if I am asking that question right. Anyway I am not trying to change you or convert you. More the other way around. Well those are my two cents for what they are worth. Some people my think not much.

Luvbugg,<br />
We're not perfect just forgiven.<br />
God is not a God of wrath he's not going to zap you dead <br />
if you do not do things right.<br />
But we have to keep in mind that all God wants from us is <br />
our very best.<br />
The reason you think that God is driving you crazy is because you do not fully understand his ways.<br />
and there's nothing wrong with that.<br />
Seek after him and he will guide you.<br />
Pray!!!!Praying is a very important roll in our lives as Christians.<br />
He says in his word that if you would draw nigh to him that he will surely draw nigh to you.<br />
I as a Christian have not always done the right things......<br />
Stop trying so hard to live up to God's standards<br />
He's a kind God.<br />
Just pray and read his word and he will guide your footsteps in the way they should go.<br />
Do your part,live a life pleasing to him and he will bless<br />
your life so that you will be able later on to reach out to<br />
someone else that's struggling with this.<br />
Hope I have helped in someway.<br />
God bless you on your road to a brand new start.<br />

Well, we also have to realize that God would only ask us not to do things that were bad for us. If you take most of the sins, there is usually an obvious reason why it is harmful for us to be doing that anyhow. All of us are sinners, and have things we unfortunately seem to fall into even though we're trying not to. But most of the torment comes when we keep doing on purpose the things that we know God would not want us to do. Well, if we consider WHY God doesn't want us to do them, it shouldn't be so hard to see it His way.<br />
<br />
Too many people see God, and their parents, I might add, like some kind of mean killjoy. But only He knows the extent of the damage we are doing to ourselves and our lives when we do the things He has forbidden us to do out of love. Few people contemplate that He actually loves us, and that's precisely why He has forbidden those things. (Or commanded the good things to our benefit.)<br />
<br />
God wants us to get to heaven. He's doing the best He can (given the free will of human beings which is a major stumbling block to that effort) to get us there. The things He told us to do or not do, are simply to remove a whole lot of the complications to that process. A happy side effect, is that if we're living how He would want us to, we will probably suffer a lot less even in this world, even if it's difficult to fight with ourselves about certain issues.<br />
<br />
Rather than thinking of God as the mean father who irrationally over punishes His kids or is cruel to them, try a new viewpoint... God is a perfectly loving father who is willing to do anything it takes to help us, whether we want help or no... kind of like the parent giving the kid nasty medicine when they need it. The kid says, "that's so mean!" and has no idea how the parent could be so cruel as to give them this nasty medicine. But the parent is doing it out of love, so the child they love will get well and be okay. If more people realized that about God, they would not have such a 'bitter medicine' outlook on Christian life. Just like the child probably doesn't want to stay sick or get sicker for good, who really wants to make themselves miserable both here and hereafter?<br />
<br />
We need to look at the love, not just the "restrictions." If we really understood those rules, and the angle God is coming from (love), we wouldn't find them so bitter to take, even when they're hard to live up to.<br />
<br />
Finally, we're not saints yet. Yes, we have to do our best to follow God's law, but God knows that we are only human. Nobody understands better than Him, how much of a struggle you may be having trying to do the right thing. But you know, that's also how He knows you seriously love and have faith in Him, too.<br />
<br />
If our love is never proved, and our faith never tried, and virtue never exercised... if in short, we never had to make the effort, all of those things would be more or less meaningless. It's precisely that tooth-and-nail fight with ourselves to "live up to God's standards" which proves that we have faith, love, virtue, etc... and which alone can truly cause those things to grow.<br />
<br />
No pain, no gain, as they say.<br />
<br />
Don't give up or give in. Think often about just how much God loves you, and keep fighting as He is fighting, to save you from much greater misery. He won't give up if you won't. (For that matter, He won't give up till you're dead, because His love isn't as fickle as human love.) When you remember that, hopefully it will give you courage for the fight.<br />
<br />
This is why Catholics have Confirmation, by the way. The Catholic faith recognizes that this fight is hard as heck, and so recognizes that we can't do it alone. By it, the Catholic becomes "a soldier of Christ" in that lifelong battle, and receives the grace to win it so long as they remain faithful to that fight. Pretty comforting.

Well im 15 and i got to a public school and i go to church all the time i go every wednesday and every Sunday i know what its like to question! God just wants u to live for him

Live your life in the appreciation of things around you, do not try to appeal to standards you can't understand, it will only make you unhappy. Your moral compass will guide you, if you stay on the right track, and do what you think is right, you will find joy.<br />
Live life the best YOU can.

Hi I know what you meanCan i be honest with you though?God doesnt expect us to be perfect only to practice as His Son was...get it? We will never "ARRIVE", we are only to Love one another and be happy doing so, love the unlovely (hard) love yourself and most of all love Him. He is you Father not a scary figment of your imagination,When you go to him go to him as you would a friend or better yet as you would your daddy.He loves you , please dont give up now....Praying for you , lets be friends