I Always Wounder What He Would Think of Me.

I wouldnt say im that religous, honest i cant tell you the last time i went to church for survis. But i dont belive that i have to go to church to talk to God or to worship him. I can do that anytime anywhere. But i know i havent lead the greatest life and i think ive done things that he wouldnt aprove of. But with the hand that he has delt me in life i dont belive im doing all that bad even with my screw ups. But honestly i cant say the last time a day went by when i didnt think about God in some way or form. I know God dose excist tho, i have had many answered prays from him and many diffrent signs from him in my short life. I feel guilty sometimes tho because i know there are others out there who are worse off than i am and i dont know why i should get help from devine entervinchion and they dont.
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God doesnt pick and choose who He will answer prayers for.He hears all of us, we are the ones that determine when our prayers get answered. See The Bible says that when Jesus went to the cross and died for us , He took sickness, sins, and desease from us. So if we could believe in our hearts and confess with our lips that we have defeated these things we could live well. <br />
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I commend you for how you think, I dont believe you have to be in a church to be closer to god, but the Bible says to surround yourself with Christian brothers abd sisters to uplift eachother and to draw strength . Also you have to be taught , and so you need a teacher, one who is well studdied the Word. I know, we can teach ourselves, right? Well yes because we are Supposed to work out our own salvation, but when you have a preacher, teacher, pastor, they can read from the Bible and maybe even from the same one you have and for some reason they make more sense and you get a new revelation of what a verse or story means. When a pastor is undder the annointing of God, you understand clearly because it is like God himself is talking through the pastor, He wouldn choose to talk directly to you or me because we would think we were crazy...lol This is just my opinion. i dont get to Church all the time, I am working on that, I do however have the desire to find a good church, and I pray that I do. <br />
Back on praying... You know your prayers get answered when you pray for others. It is because you are making a selfless request for someone else. Since God already knows what we need and want then what are we praying for? Well He wants to hear our voice, for him to know that we know he is there, right where we left him, He wants to hear us call on him , it's called Faith. You sound like a good hearted person and I am glad you talk to God on your own, Keep doing what your doing and consider just checking into a church. times are getting hard and it sounds as if you know some about the Word, you still need christian fellowship, and i would love to be a friend andytime you might want to talk about anything...i am here.