What Would God Think of Me?

I'm not the perfect christian, not by a long shot. I try hard, i go to mass every sunday, and participate in the readings. I pray everyday, and try to be a good person, but i've done things i'm not proud of. I haven't killed anyone, lol, but still, i wonder sometimes what God thinks of me. Sure, i know he loves me, he shows me every day, but what does he THINK of me? Does he like what i've done with my life so far, or should i have done something different? Does he like, actaully like, the person i've become? I wonder sometimes... I want to be how he sees me, but i'm not sure if i can live up to it.
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He Loves You Just The Way You Are
How Do I Know Because Jesus Is Our
Lawyer And He Plead Our Case Before
The Father's Throne In Heaven

I have never thought about whether God would "like" me and the person I have become in this manner before. Guess I probably won't be sleeping much tonight.

He certainly does all those things with alot of sneakyness, because I've never seen any of those things given.<br />
How can any of you think you know the mind of a god? How can anyone make up his thoughts and actions? Why bother wondering what he thinks of you when he is as likely as an invisable dinosaur?<br />
No, really, I am curious, where do you get your information from?

We are not perfect. We are all split between the ideal and the real. This is the major reasons Christians struggle. The church stresses such high ideals that many people feel they can't be human and still be Christian - an incredible belief when one thinks of why they came to Christ in the first place. They came because they were sinners in need of forgiveness and acceptance.<br />
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God says we are incredibly wonderful, extremely sinful, beset with all sort of weakness and overflowing with talents.<br />
<br />
God does not deny failures, nor does he beat us up for them. He convicts us - he shows us the truth - but he gives us tender love and compassion as well, for God's kindness and compassion tenderly lead us to deal with failure and badness, not heavy-handed judgement and condemnation. "God's kindess leads you toward repentance" (Romans 2:4)<br />
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If, when we sin, we can see how our sin hurts us, instead of calling ourselves "bad people", we can begin to get out of the slavery of the "law of sin and death". Only when we get a picture of our self-destructive nature of our sin do we begin to change.

The truth is we will never BE good enough for God , not on our own. I believe that he sees His children through the Blood of His son. He doesnt see us in our sin, the only way he couldnt love us is by us rejuecting Him. Even then He still loves us but that is the unpardonable sin. WE WERE NOT MADE TO BE PERFECT. Our drive is only to live by the one commandment to love one another , then all the other commandments fall in place. THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE---JESUS---. That of course doesn't excuse us from trying to be good all the time, but when you realize that you would have to live in a bubble, away from the world, and not associate with others , you still wouldnt be perfect9those darn thoughts still run through our heads)...lol God loves you , you love Him right? You , we have all fallen short of His Glory, but yet here we are still breathing and living and having a chance to share ourselves and love oneanother.Right?<br />
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Actually the hardest of these is love---we are required to love the unlovely and to me that is sometimes the hardest thing to do , But fortunatly I dont even have to be 100% at that either... The only one who was and is able is God and he just asks us to try hard.I think it is all about you heart and only He knows where your heart is. The Bible says that alot of us will enter heaven by the skin of our teeth. to me this means that those who take on salvation for fire insurance , will get to heaven but will get no crowns, or rewards, but if that is all we dont get and still get to be in heaven for eternity I guess that passifies alot of people, but I want my crowns and i want to be all that i can be for our Lord. So i pray for guidance and for my words to be loving and my actions to be just as loving , and i pray for wisdom in all things i say and do, I i leave no room for the enemy to take that from me. Let no man take you out of your father's hands.Praise the lord in all things, and just love him.