Am Trying to Become More Spiritual

I was raised Roman Catholic, very strictly.  I am not a Christian now, nor will I ever embrace that religion again, but I do consider myself extremely spiritual.  I took a comparative religion course in college that really opened my eyes.  I am trying to find common themes in the major religions of the world as a kind of dogma i can embrace.  I have thought about god in some form or another since i was a small child.  So much so that sometimes being unable to find the answers i am seeking will send me into a tailspin of depression. Right now i am studying Hinduism and Wicca.  I really like both of them.  Hinduism gives me the mystical side that i crave, the ways in which i can connect with god.  Wicca gives me a really great feminine view of god, that has almost completely been stamped out of my head by the patriarchal nature of christianity.  I realize that god is both, but the woman has been demonized in my mind from the teachings of my childhood so much that i need wicca right now to reconnect with the feminine aspect of god, and my own feminine power and worth. 
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1 Response May 14, 2007

No matter what religion you are, God is always there ad will always love you. I think it is great that you are studying two different religions right now. If it gives you a better insight, than go for it. I hope you find what you are looking for. Good Luck